Dear Friend,

From Monday, February 4th to Sunday, February 24th , we plan to set aside 21 days for prayer and fasting to draw near to God, put Him first in our lives, and corporately consecrate ourselves, our families, ministries and our cities and nation to God. It is also the time when we come into agreement and believe together for breakthroughs in our personal lives, families, finances and the church. As a result of this time of prayer, we believe we will receive healing, salvation, direction, promotion, family restoration, miraculous provision, tremendous growth and increase in various aspects of our lives. We are trusting God to come through for us in the challenges we face as individuals, church and nation as a whole.


This is what the Lord says; “I will cause your strength to be renewed in this new season as you seek me. I will make you to be like mount Zion that cannot be moved but abides forever as you begin to wait upon me in the place of fasting and prayer. I am declaring to you that I will cause you to mount up with wings as eagles, you shall run the race that is set before you by faith and shall not be weary. I will strengthen you in your inner man. I will also cause you to enter through the great door that I have opened unto you and I will make my abundant grace available to you. Seek me with all your heart. When you seek me, you shall find me. I will bring you to the full manifestation of my promises to you and I will cause you to live in abundance.”


As we anticipate the fast:

  • Prepare spiritually

  • Prepare physically

During the fast:

  • Be expectant

  • Keep your faith strong

  • Pray earnestly

  • Study the word

  • Keep a journal

Practical tips for the fast:

  • Maintain an attitude of prayer throughout the day.

  • Limit your physical activity and rest as much as you can.

  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

  • It is advised that you break your fast with fruits before eating a heavy meal.

  • Expectant mothers and those on medication are advised to seek medical guidance.

As we humble ourselves individually and as a house, we believe God to move mightily in our midst. His will for us is to experience breakthroughs and victories in our lives. Trust God to move miraculously in your life this year, beyond what you can imagine. We have a fresh mandate. Be ready to accomplish great things for God this year. Be Courageous!

Pastor Tony Rapu


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